Reference to 31.10.6 Diary Appointments

If you have a diary entry for an appointment, and that diary entry begins with a recognizable time of day, Emacs can warn you in advance that an appointment is pending. Emacs alerts you to the appointment by displaying a message in your chosen format, as specified by the variable appt-display-format. If the value of appt-audible is non-nil, the warning includes an audible reminder. In addition, if appt-display-mode-line is non-nil, Emacs displays the number of minutes to the appointment on the mode line.

it mentioned the variables of appt-display-format, appt-audible and appt-display-mode-line,
Unfortunately, I cannot find the variables with prefix of appt

eval (appt-audible) but report :
Symbol’s function definition is void: appt-audible

Why I cannot not find the variables of appointments?

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The library appt.el contains the variables/functions sought. Consider using something like (require 'appt) before attempting to locate (with functions such as describe-... or find-...) and/or before attempting to use the variables/functions.

Q:  How did I find the answer to this question?

A:  I grepped the lisp folder (of the Emacs source code) for the prefix appt-, and/or, grepped for a random variable described in the Emacs manual (to which a link was provided in the question by the O.P. above); e.g., appt-display-format.

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