I would want to have all sections unnumbered. Instead to add the property

* Section Name

to each subtree (which works well). I thought to use inheriting property in the top of the file as specified in the documentation :


but this approach doesn't work. What I am missing?

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You can do what you want with

#+OPTIONS: num:nil

As for the #+PROPERTY: setting, I can reproduce the problem: I thought at first that turning org-use-property-inheritance on would do the job, but I cannot get inheritance to work in this context (with a #+PROPERTY: setting). It does work in the context of a top-level headline having the property and lower-level headlines inheriting it:


* Section name foo

** Section name baz

** Section name hunoz

* Section name bar

The first section and its subsections are unnumbered; the second section is numbered.

Whether inheritance should work with #+PROPERTIES: seems to me to be a reasonable question (or even a bug report) for the Org mode mailing list.


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