$ sudo apt install eclipse eclipse-jdt 

Then, tried to install eclim using use-package in Emacs:

(use-package eclim
  :ensure t
   (require 'eclim)
   (setq eclimd-autostart t)
   (defun my-java-mode-hook ()
   (eclim-mode t))
   (add-hook 'java-mode-hook 'my-java-mode-hook))

It seems, it did not install it. Then, I used terminal:



debian# cd Downloads

debian# ./eclim_2.8.0.bin

Welcome to the installer for eclim 2.8.0. Please specify the root directory of your eclipse install. Ex: /opt/eclipse /usr/local/eclipse

> /home/tom/.eclipse/

The eclipse launcher/executable could not be found in that directory

eclipse is installed in ~/.eclipse

Also, how to configure executable directory path, using use-package in Emacs?

  • See this: github.com/emacs-eclim/emacs-eclim - configure/modify custom-set-variables ...
    – Ian
    Mar 12 '20 at 14:08
  • Ian: I followed that link for installation... but unable to resolve
    – tom_kp
    Mar 12 '20 at 14:23
  • Try this: (setenv "PATH" (concat "/home/tom/.eclipse:" (getenv "PATH"))) (add-to-list 'exec-path "/home/tom/.eclipse") before (use-package eclim...)
    – Ian
    Mar 12 '20 at 14:33
  • Ian: I tried, but that also did not work.
    – tom_kp
    Mar 12 '20 at 14:54

Thank you Ian.

  1. I manually downloaded the eclipse file directly from the site, eclipse.org. Then, installed it using GUI.

  2. Then, manually downloaded the eclim file from the site, eclim.org. Then, I could give the path


  1. Also, installed emacs-eclim by cloning the git.

Now, the eclimd is not starting. I will post the question separately,

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