Is there a way to perform incremental search that filters out all non-math environments (i.e., only searches within $...$, $$...$$, and if possible other relevant \begin{..}..\end{..} environments)?

Note: a similar question provided an answer without the incremental part.

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The following works.

(defun latex-isearch-in-math ()
  "Call `isearch-forward' with `isearch-filter-predicate' set to filter out matches outside LaTeX math environments."
  (let ((isearch-filter-predicate
         (lambda (BEG END)
           (save-excursion (save-match-data (goto-char BEG) (texmathp)))))
        (case-fold-search nil))
    (funcall 'isearch-forward)))

Note: it is almost identical to this answer, except call-interactively must be replaced with funcall.

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