I'm trying to build an interactive query builder for tree-sitter in Emacs with highlight for matches as underlined text instead of overlays.

So far I nailed most of the code to accomplish this, the only pain point is getting the match in the target buffer underlined.

Assume we have the following face:

(defface tree-sitter-query-faces-match-1
      (:color "#00ffff" :style line))))
  "face for match highlight")

This is the function that applies the text properties to the match in buffer:

(defun example--highlight-node (node match-face)
  "Highlight a NODE match in the current buffer with face MATCH-FACE."
  (let* ((capture-name (car node))
         (captured-node (cdr node))
         (node-start (ts-node-start-position captured-node))
         (node-end (ts-node-end-position captured-node))
         (font-lock-face-property `(font-lock-face ,match-face))
         (help-echo-property `(help-echo ,capture-name)))
    ;; add the font-lock face
    (add-text-properties node-start node-end font-lock-face-property)
    ;; and add the name of the capture node, if any.
    (unless (string= capture-name "")
      (add-to-list 'tree-sitter-query--match-highlight-text-property-used help-echo-property)
      (add-text-properties node-start node-end help-echo-property))))

and called like this:

;;; ...
(example--highlight-node a-node tree-sitter-query-faces-match-1)

the help-echo is applied to the match (name is displayed in the echo area as expected), but not so the underlined face:

Emacs running the query builder

My question is, what I'm doing wrong here and how can I apply this other font-lock face on the match in the target buffer?

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