According to the documentation of Drawers, I should be able to add a time-stamped note to the LOGBOOK drawer using the command C-c C-z.

However, when I try to do this with my cursor on a TODO task, a note with timestamp is added above the task and without a LOGBOOK drawer:

- Note taken on [2020-03-14 Sat 11:50] \\
  Started working on nice task
* TODO Nice task

When I do the same thing under a task, I get the following result, still without a LOGBOOK drawer:

* TODO Hard task
  - Note taken on [2020-03-14 Sat 11:51] \\
    Man, this task is very hard. I don't know if I can do it...

Finally, when I manually add a LOGBOOK drawer myself and navigate the cursor into the LOGBOOK drawer area, the note gets added above the drawer:

* TODO Clock hours
  - Note taken on [2020-03-14 Sat 11:52] \\
    Add a note to the logbook of this task to see if it works...


Am I doing something wrong or is the aforementioned documentation wrong? The only thing I want to do is add notes with a timestamp to a task to be able to log my progress and thoughts.

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Set or customize the variable org-log-into-drawer to t.* The doc string of the variable (C-h v org-log-into-drawer RET) states:

Non-nil means insert state change notes and time stamps into a drawer. When nil, state changes notes will be inserted after the headline and any scheduling and clock lines, but not inside a drawer.

If you want to make this file specific, you can add a line like this to the top of your file (and then either do C-c C-c on that line or save the buffer and revert it from the file on disk, so that Org mode will get reinitialized):

#+STARTUP: logdrawer

*You can do this by adding (setq org-log-into-drawer t) to your emacs configuration file.

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