My question concerns the refiling of table entry. I keep my cheatsheets for different kind of things in a table format. Let's suppose, that each heading has exactly one table.

     * My table 1
           | Description  | Shortcut 1   |
           |              |              |

The table-line type capturing can save my new capture entry to one particular org-heading. However org-capture-refile doesn't work for this kind of entries. One could define org-capture-template for each org heading as suggested here refile-list-items-in-org-mode.

How could one have a similar process as capture, but with capabilities of refiling the capture buffer to a table of your choise?

My ideas so far:

  1. Further rely on the org-capture, but try to define a custom capture-refile, which does what I want. Based on org-mode-can-you-set-up-context-dependent-refile-targets customized capture refile seems to be possible.
  2. Implement a function from scratch, which has similar mechanics to capture, meaning, that is opens an empty buffer for input and then has an option to refile the content to a table of a certain org heading.

Since I am not that proficient with lisp I would be happy to see your implementations.

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