When we add tags to a headline, they just get appended. For instance,

* Head 1 :A:C:B:
* Head 2 :B:A:C:

Is there a way I can sort these tags so we get:

* Head 1 :A:B:C:
* Head 2 :A:B:C:

You can sort tags alphabetically using:

(setq org-tags-sort-function 'org-string-collate-lessp)

Documentation: When set, tags are sorted using this function as a comparator.

  • Thanks. But how is it supposed to work? I added that line to ~/.doom.d/config.el (I use Doom Emacs). But nothing happens. Tags get added just as usual --- unsorted, in the order in which they are added
    – deshmukh
    Mar 20 '20 at 9:41
  • 1
    The sort applies when you set the tags using the org-set-tags-command (C-c C-q).
    – Marco Wahl
    Mar 20 '20 at 12:10

I don't think it's already in Org.

What about

(defun my-org-sort-tags ()
  "On a heading sort the tags."
  (when (org-at-heading-p)
    (org-set-tags (sort (org-get-tags) #'string<))))

for a start?

Activate with

M-x my-org-sort-tags
  • Thanks. This works. But is there a way to make it work automatically? So, the tags are sorted as they are added.
    – deshmukh
    Mar 20 '20 at 9:43
  • Okay, it is already in Org see the other answer from [user:jagrg].
    – Marco Wahl
    Mar 20 '20 at 12:08

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