Running Doom Emacs v 2.0.9.

My ~/.doom.d/init.el contains:

 '(org-tags-column -80)

When I add tags using counsel-org-tag, the tag alignment in the current headline is destroyed. When I try to realign them using SPC-u C-C C-C, all tags become left aligned!

When I customize-variables org-tag-column, it shows 'changed outside customize'. When I set up the value again and go back to the buffer to SPC-u C-C C-C all works as expected.

I thought with that setting in init.el, all these steps should be unnecessary.

How do I get the alignment behavior as expected?


Doom is meant to be configured via ~/.doom.d/config.el. Try setting the org-tags-column in that file. E.g.:

;; in ~/.doom.d/config.el
(after! org
  (setq org-tags-column -80)
   ;; ... other org configuration here

You may need to restart emacs for these changes to be applied, and then SPC-u C-c C-c should properly align the tags.

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