How do I set a fallback font for LaTex export to pdf?

I have the following setting in my init.el.

(setq org-latex-classes

\\usepackage{zhnumber} % package for Chinese formatting of date time (use /zhtoday)
%\\usepackage[yyyymmdd]{datetime} % set date time to numeric

% Set default indentation


% Set Paper Size, Page Layout (another variable is 'bindingoffset')
\\usepackage[margin = 1.5in, paper = a4paper, inner = 2.5cm,
outer = 2.5cm, top = 3cm, bottom = 2.5cm]{geometry}

% Keep paragraph indentation while having a line break in between paragraphs.

% Indent first paragraph.

\\usepackage{fontspec} % packages for title and section-heading font setting.

% Set Font.
\\setsansfont{Arial Unicode MS}
\\setmainfont{Calibri} % Set serifed font to Calibri. Originally set to 'Times New Roman', but it cannot display certain characters such as ①②③.
\\setCJKsansfont{Kaiti TC} % Set Chinese font. NOTE: Remember to append CJK before of the font class. CJK HAS to be there for the font to show.

\\titleformat*{\\subsubsection}{\\fontsize{12}{14}\\bfseries\\sffamily} % Set formats for each heading level. 'sffamily' will point to the sans-serif font. In this case, 「楷體」.
\\renewcommand{\\maketitlehooka}{\\sffamily} % Set title font.

% Set quotation font.
\\newCJKfontfamily\\quotefont{Kaiti TC}

% Tweak default settings.
\\renewcommand{\\baselinestretch}{1.2} % Set line width.
\\renewcommand{\\contentsname}{目次} % Translate content page title to Chinese. (Could possibly be done automatically with '\\usepackage[heading]{CJK}'. TODO experiment. )

% For text-boxes


% [FIXME] ox-latex 的設計不良導致 hypersetup 必須在這裡插入
  colorlinks=true, %把紅框框移掉改用字體顏色不同來顯示連結
         ("\\section{%s}" . "\\section*{%s}")
         ("\\subsection{%s}" . "\\subsection*{%s}")
         ("\\subsubsection{%s}" . "\\subsubsection*{%s}")
         ("\\paragraph{%s}" . "\\paragraph*{%s}")
         ("\\subparagraph{%s}" . "\\subparagraph*{%s}"))

Sample Org Document:

#+OPTIONS: toc:nil

㊀㊁㊂ ①②③

㊀㊁㊂ ①②③

PDF generated:

enter image description here

As apparent from the above example, Kaiti TC contains the characters ㊀ etc. but MingLiU does not.

How can we define a fallback font for CJKmainfont so that ㊀㊁㊂ without the quote can be displayed properly?


I've found a working solution with the code below:

\\newCJKfontfamily\\fallbackfont{PingFang TC}
\\newunicodechar{㊀}{{\\fallbackfont ㊀}}
\\newunicodechar{㊁}{{\\fallbackfont ㊁}}
\\newunicodechar{㊂}{{\\fallbackfont ㊂}}
\\newunicodechar{㊃}{{\\fallbackfont ㊃}}
\\newunicodechar{㊄}{{\\fallbackfont ㊄}}
\\newunicodechar{㊅}{{\\fallbackfont ㊅}}
\\newunicodechar{㊆}{{\\fallbackfont ㊆}}
\\newunicodechar{㊇}{{\\fallbackfont ㊇}}
\\newunicodechar{㊈}{{\\fallbackfont ㊈}}

I would appreciate other suggestions to the problem, especially with shorter code.

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