The Goal

Place everything related to emacs in ~/.config/.emacs.d

What I Have Done

  • Created /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/site-start.el which contain the following code:
(setq user-init-file "~/.config/.emacs.d/init.el")
(setq user-emacs-directory "~/.config/.emacs.d")
(load user-init-file)


The Outcome

  • emacs still creates ~/.emacs.d which contains the auto-save-list directory.

  • Changing the value of variables through M-x customize creates the ~/.emacs file.

  • Examining the value of variables modified within site-start.el I get the following result:

user-init-file is a variable defined in ‘C source code’.
Its value is "~/.emacs"

user-emacs-directory is a variable defined in ‘subr.el’.
Its value is "~/.config/.emacs.d"

Is it possible to achieve what I want? This is part of my effort to organize my HOME directory. I have read the following documentation.

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You can't do that. Emacs doesn't care if you've (unexpectedly) set user-init-file -- it looks for your init file in the places it's hard-coded to look for it, and it then sets user-init-file to the path of the init file it located.

However if you wait for Emacs 27 (or try a pretest release; currently 27.0.90 at time of writing), it essentially provides what you're looking for.

See the NEWS for details:

Emacs can now use the XDG convention for init files. The 'XDG_CONFIG_HOME' environment variable (which defaults to "~/.config") specifies the XDG configuration parent directory. Emacs checks for "init.el" and other configuration files inside the "emacs" subdirectory of 'XDG_CONFIG_HOME', i.e. "$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/emacs/init.el"

However, Emacs will still initially look for init files in their traditional locations if "~/.emacs.d" or "~/.emacs" exist, even if "$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/emacs" also exists. This means that you must delete or rename any existing "~/.emacs.d" and "~/.emacs" to enable use of the XDG directory.

If "~/.emacs.d" does not exist, and Emacs has decided to use it (i.e. "$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/emacs" does not exist), Emacs will create it. Emacs will never create "$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/emacs".

Whichever directory Emacs decides to use, it will set 'user-emacs-directory' to point to it.

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