I use spacemacs and sometimes I need to fix window configuration 4 windows. Could somebody help with it?

I want to create 4 windows (split vertically and then both split horizontally)Then call some command like toggle-window-configuration-frozen and after that, I'd like to keep that configuration until- toggle back- C-x 0

At the moment, I experienced that, for example,

  • go test buffer kills after keyboard-quit (C-g)

  • window configuration resets on keyboard-escape-quit (C-u)

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    What does "fix window configuration 4 windows" means? Solution to one possible interpretation is after window setup to use 'M-x window-configuration-to-register' aka 'C-x r w' to store and 'M-x jump-to-register' aka 'C-x r j' to restore. But I may misinterpret the question. – Realraptor Mar 27 at 14:33
  • found the answer here reddit.com/r/emacs/comments/fpx1zp/… – mshogin Mar 28 at 22:59

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