I just installed the pt.el package and now I want to bind projectile-pt to the default projectile search prefix (which is C-c p s). The goal is to have it as C-c p s p to begin with but also to have this follow the projectile prefix if I later change that to C-p for example (it would then automatically become C-p s p).

Is this possible? Sorry for the perhaps badly phrased question, will reword it if needed later.


The bindings for projectile are stored in projectile-command-map, so we can use define-key to add more stuff: (define-key projectile-command-map (kbd "s p") #'projectile-pt). This adds s p to whatever projectile-keymap-prefix happens to be.

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  • Thanks! This made me understand how keymaps work a bit more! Merry Christmas! :) – Mattias Bengtsson Dec 25 '14 at 18:26

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