I'm trying a new (to me) remote desktop tool AnyDesk (v.5.5.4). I'm attaching to Ubuntu18 system at work from a Ubuntu19 system at home. When I resize an emacs frame with the mouse, the menu bar, the mode line and mini-buffer and text area do not resize.

None of the resizing commands I've tried have had any effect. At root I think it's a failing of AnyDesk but I'm not having any luck at that end and am hoping there's a manual resizing within emacs which might counter the AnyDesk issue.

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I had a similar problem on my windows machine. I was not able to resize the anydesk window on my external monitor and it occupied the whole screen without any resize option.


This issue is due to scaling of your os(in my case windows)

Go to display setting scale the windows to 110% or more and then you should be able to resize the anydesk window.

Hope this helps!

  • Yeah, it's working pretty well for me these days. Not sure what fixed this for me (some updates probably)
    – rjs
    Oct 21, 2020 at 18:05

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