The title of this question basically says all.

Visit a new buffer, let's say 'foo'. Enter shell script text in the new buffer, let's say "#!/bin/sh".

How can I now set the mode to sh-mode and fontify the buffer accordingly, without the save buffer as foo, reload buffer sequence?


You can call M-x sh-mode directly or, having added that shebang line, you could use M-x normal-mode which will at that point recognise the shell script content and set sh-mode.

Being familiar with M-x normal-mode means you generally don't need to care what the desired mode name is. I use this frequently enough that I have (defalias 'nm 'normal-mode) so that I only need M-x nm.

Obviously if the file is named foo.sh then Emacs will pick sh-mode by default; but if you have global mode auto-insert-mode enabled, then creating a new file foo in any bin/ directory will make Emacs prompt you to treat the file as a shell script as well.

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  • ARghh! I could have sworn I tried that. It just works. Thank you! All I now need to do is make a little function that doesn't remove the linum (which I have on globally by default) when I call sh-mode like you suggested. Again -- thanks! – Roadowl Apr 2 at 22:20

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