I am trying to using a link to jump to a number in another org file. Searching for keyword numbers works for internal links but does not when searching in a different file. It works with words but not numbers? Why is this and can it be fixed?


abcd or << abcd>> <br>
1234 or even <<1234>>

[[1234]] (works)


[[file:./a.org::1234]] (does not work)<br>
[[file:./a.org::abcd]] (works)
  • In [[file:./a.org::1234]] the number is interpreted as a line number to go to. That was deemed more useful behavior than searching for the literal number. In [[1234]] there is no choice.
    – NickD
    Apr 4, 2020 at 2:12

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As I mentioned in my comment, in [[file:./a.org::1234]] the number is interpreted as a line number. The only way to turn it into a search string is to include an adjacent non-numeric character. E.g. you can find the string "1234 " (note the space at the end) by using [[file:./a.org::1234 ]] (again, note the space at the end). Other than that, Org mode does not provide an escape syntax to let a number be interpreted as a search string.

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