I'm using the evil-search module ((evil-select-search-module 'evil-search-module 'evil-search)). When I perform a search, the results remain highlighted until I call evil-ex-nohighlight.

I'd prefer that the highlights go away by themselves after a few seconds. I tried (setq evil-ex-search-persistent-highlight nil), but this setting apparently doesn't apply to evil-search. Is there a way of having auto-expiring highlights with evil-search?

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Using (setq evil-ex-search-persistent-highlight nil) and (evil-select-search-module 'evil-search-module 'evil-search) searching for matches with / highlights them while I enter the pattern, then removes the highlight after pressing RET or aborting the search. This is the full extent of evil-ex-search-persistent-highlight, it does not apply to commands such as n and N. Patches welcome for these.

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