I am using Emacs version 26.3 and Org Mode version 9.3.6.

My goal is to have several different #+CALL: lines, each using a different value of some header argument (in the example below, that is inarg).

Typing C-c C-c on the first #+CALL: line below:

#+NAME: sub_func1
#+BEGIN_SRC bash :results verbatim :var inarg=""
echo sub_func1 inarg $inarg

#+NAME: main_func1
#+BEGIN_SRC bash :results verbatim :var inarg="" :var sub_func1_result=sub_func1(inarg=inarg)
echo main_func1 inarg $inarg sub_func1_result $sub_func1_result

#+CALL: main_func1(inarg="hardcoded1")
#+CALL: main_func1(inarg="hardcoded2")

produces this error:

org-babel-ref-resolve: Reference ‘inarg’ not found in this buffer

How do I pass the inarg variable all the way down to sub_func1 without having to hardcode the value of it in both main_func1 and sub_func1?

The results I expect are from the following, which I do NOT want to have to do as it means I have to update both values of "hardcoded1" when that value changes:

#+NAME: sub_func2
#+BEGIN_SRC bash :results verbatim :var inarg=""
echo sub_func2 inarg $inarg

#+NAME: main_func2
#+BEGIN_SRC bash :results verbatim :var inarg="hardcoded2" :var sub_func2_result=sub_func2(inarg="hardcoded2")
echo main_func2 inarg $inarg sub_func2_result $sub_func2_result

#+CALL: main_func2()

: main_func2 inarg hardcoded2 sub_func2_result sub_func2 inarg hardcoded2

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You can "run an interactive session as an 'inferior process' within Emacs" using session-based evaluation, and reuse data objects between sharing-session blocks. Here's an example:

#+begin_src sh :session example

#+name: main_func1
#+begin_src sh :results verbatim :session example
echo $inarg

#+results: main_func1
: foo

#+CALL: main_func1(inarg="bar")

: bar

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