Normally two-panes file managers display only three fields per file: the file name, the file size (possibly in human format) and the file modification time. See for example Midnight Commander:


As for Emacs Sunrise Commander, we have a lot of info (user, owner, permissions), which make it inconvenient on a laptop screen and perhaps distracting:

Sunrise Commander

How is is possible to get the standard 3-field layout with Sunrise Commander?


You can use the sr-attributes-display-mask variable to control this. I think the following will do what you want:

(setq sr-attributes-display-mask '(nil nil nil nil t t t))
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  • Unfortunately (setq sr-attributes-display-mask '(nil nil nil nil t t t)) and after (sunrise) still gives a very long format in Sunrise (and dired too). – antonio Dec 30 '14 at 2:36

The sequence to show only name, size and modification time is:

(setq sr-attributes-display-mask '(nil nil nil nil t t t))

The order is not the best one as the name is displayed last.

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