Suppose a LaTeX command such as: \Person[<opt>]{<arg>} where <arg> may be any last name and [<opt>] may take several 'named arguments' like so:

\Person[function={President of the United States},
        otherinfo={some items of information}]{Roosevelt}

Is it possible to define a symbol in AUCTeX that would allow the user to enter those necessarily undefined values in the minibuffer when one is prompted for the accepted keys?

I have tried this so far:

(defvar LaTeX-mypackage-person-options
  "Local options.")

;; and then in the hooks

    '("Person" [ TeX-arg-key-val LaTeX-mypackage-person-options ]t)

But infortunately I run into a no match warning---as expected---from the minibuffer as soon as I hit the space key. Defining values in LaTeX-mypackage-person-options is irrelevant because these values are unpredictable by definition.

Is there a way to define such symbols properly in AUCTeX?

  • To whomever downvoted this question: a short comment would have helped me at least to understand why it is devoid of interest! – Robert Alessi Apr 11 at 17:29
  • I deleted my (wrong) comment and upvoted to counteract the downvote. We start from scratch! Hope somebody can help you. – NickD Apr 11 at 18:55
  • @NickD Thank you! I couldn't get round this issue. k=v 'verbose' options are actually processed the same way by many style files. Try for instance to set hyperref's pdfauthor: you will bump into the same no match error message as soon as you hit space after your first name... – Robert Alessi Apr 11 at 22:16

This is by design as minibuffer-local-completion-map and the derived variable crm-local-completion-map both set SPACE to minibuffer-complete-word and crm-complete-word respectively.

You can write a function in your style file which let-binds these variables removing the entries for SPACE. E.g., have a look at graphicx.el and the definition of LaTeX-arg-graphicx-includegraphics-key-val.

In general, you can hit C-q SPACE if you need a SPACE in the minibuffer. This should suffice for most cases.

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  • Thanks Arash! This is exactly what I was looking for. I agree: C-q SPACE is quite acceptable for short insertions viz. a couple of words or so. – Robert Alessi Apr 14 at 12:36

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