Is there a way to enable source block execution only if C-c C-c is pressed and keep them silent when C-c C-v C-b is used, i.e. all source blocks are executed?

  • I don't undestand what you are asking: C-c C-c will execute the code block at point, C-c C-v C-b will execute all code blocks in the buffer. So what exactly do you want done differently? What does "keep them silent" mean? – NickD Apr 16 at 18:10
  • I want a flag which keeps certain blocks from being executed if hit C-c C-v C-b but keep getting executed if invoked by C-c C-c – CD86 Apr 16 at 18:48
  • 1
    OK - thanks for the clarification. There is no such flag however: C-c C-v C-b is bound to org-babel-execute-buffer: this just loops over all the source blocks and calls org-babel-execute-src-block which is what C-c C-c is (effectively) bound to. So any flag that would inhibit one, would also inhibit the other. – NickD Apr 16 at 19:23

You can "deactivate" a block with the :eval no header argument. You could also try to cache the results, using the :cache yes, which would not re-execute the block unless its contents has changed.


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