I'm trying to access my google drive from within emacs. According to this, that's possible with emacs 26. Based on the tramp 2.4.3 manual I think that's because emacs 26 comes with version 2.4.3 of Tramp. True?

If so, does that mean that an alternative route to achive google drive access in emacs 25 is to update from Tramp 2.2.13 to Tramp 2.4.3?

If so, how do I do that? My tramp-version is I tried installing tramp 2.4 via elpa, but still tramp-version returns When I try C-x C-f ~//gdrive:john.doe@gmail.com:/ I get the error

Symbol’s function definition is void: tramp-compat-tramp-file-name-slots

This is a different error message than before I melpa-ed tramp; before it was "Unknown method "gdrive".

Note that I have successfully added my google drive to my GNOME desktop.

EDIT tramp-version is now showing Now when I try C-x C-f ~//gdrive:john.doe@gmail.com:/ I get the error

Symbol’s function definition is void: "(setf tramp-file-name-localname)"


Yes, Tramp 2.4.3 works with Emacs 25. It is not distributed via MELPA (to my knowledge), but via GNU ELPA. The recent version there is Do you have installed it via the Emacs Package Manager?

If installed, there shall be a directory ~/.emacs.d/elpa/tramp- This shall be taken into account when starting Emacs. If not, you shall add this to the beginning of your load-path, and restart Emacs.

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  • Thanks. Yes I installed tramp via GNU elpa (when I said 'melpa', I meant 'GNU elpa'). The describe variable output for load-path shows "/home/quinn/.emacs.d/elpa/tramp-". Now tramp-version does indeed show; this is somewhat mysterious but maybe I just hadn't restarted Emacs. Now when I try to run C-x C-f ~//gdrive:john.doe@gmail.com:/ (where john.doe@gmail.com is replaced by my email, I get the error: Symbol’s function definition is void: "(setf tramp-file-name-localname)". Any idea about that? – Quinn Culver Apr 17 at 21:24
  • Strange. What happens if you start emacs -Q -L home/quinn/.emacs.d/elpa/tramp- ? – Michael Albinus Apr 18 at 7:49
  • When I do that, emacs doesn't even have a tramp-version command at all intially. Then I try C-x C-f ~//gdrive:john.doe@gmail.com:/ and get "Unknown method "gdrive" ". After that though, tramp-version does work and returns – Quinn Culver Apr 19 at 1:56
  • Well, debugging is out of scope of SX. Please write an email to tramp-devel@gnu.org, and well see. – Michael Albinus Apr 19 at 16:38
  • OK, I will. Thanks. Is even the fact there's initially no tramp-version command unusual? – Quinn Culver Apr 19 at 19:49

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