I'm trying to unmap the <next> and <prior> key-bindings from Treemacs, because I find counterintuitive that it's the only place where they scroll a different window instead of the current one.

I've found that they are mapped inside keymap treemacs-mode-map, so in my .spacemacs user-config section I call this:

  (with-eval-after-load 'treemacs
    (unbind-key (kbd "<next>") treemacs-mode-map)
    (unbind-key (kbd "<prior>") treemacs-mode-map))

But when I try to open the treemacs panel I get this error message:

Wrong type argument: stringp, [next]

I also tried with (unbind-key <next> or (unbind-key next or (kbd "PageDown" and nothing is working.

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Section of the docstring of bind-key:

KEY-NAME may be a vector, in which case it is passed straight to ‘define-key’. Or it may be a string to be interpreted as spelled-out keystrokes, e.g., "C-c C-z". See documentation of ‘edmacro-mode’ for details.

So simply use (unbind-key "<next>" treemacs-mode-map) instead of (unbind-key (kbd "<next>") treemacs-mode-map).

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