I would like to make the lines with special keywords less disturbing, so I reduced the height of org-special-keyword. But the lines have a lot of space. This is not the case for the source-lines, where everything arranges neatly (see image below). The culprit is apparently the sum of logbook entries.

Is there a way to lower height of this part without affecting regular content, too?

enter image description here

  • What face is being used by the characters causing the excessive line height? C-u C-x = will tell you, and then you can adjust it. – rpluim Apr 20 at 16:07
  • Actually, this might be org-clock-overlay – rpluim Apr 20 at 16:21
  • Thank you for the idea! It had unfortunately no effect on the font when I set org-clock-overlay to the same font size as org-special-keyword. – breathe_in_breathe_out Apr 21 at 9:17

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