I'm using req-package to manage per-package configuration in my init.el. All works fine when in stable state. Let's say I need to modify it. For example, I might want to add a new key mapping. I find the req-package sexp for a particular mode, I add the necessary change to the :config element, restart Emacs and all is good.

My question is, is there a way to do this without restarting Emacs? Basically, I'd like to re-run a particular req-package sexp or in other words reload / reinitialize a particular package.

I know I can run the commands separately, but running the whole req-package does not seem to have any effect, which I presume is because req-package already knows the package was loaded / initialized.

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I've run into this difficulty as well. Once you've evaluated the modified (req-package somepackage ...) form call:

(req-package-eval 'somepackage)

This should do what you want.


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