When I try to use auto-completion with lsp + rust-analyzer, all functions inserted like that:


I cannot find any way to disable this "arguments". I don't even understand what package is inserting this (I use prelude bundle + company). Replacing rust-analyzer with rls as language server helps, at least it looks like:


when I hit "Enter", which is better, cuz I don't need to remove anything.

Any advise or help would be much appreciated, thx.

Update 1

Okay, I looked at lsp log, and seems like this (${1:source})$0 is raw response from rust-analyzer. So now I need to think a way to convert this representation to something, what, I suppose company, will be able to use.

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Okay, seems like I missed part that yasnippet should be enabled. yas-minor-mode fixed it.

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