I have found that Emacs + mu4e + offlineimap can deal with reading emails from a remote server. However, in this case, what I understand is that the emails are copied locally. Having mailboxes with lots of messages I do not want them to use hard disk space.

Did I misunderstand the way offlineimap works or is there another solution to what I want to do ?

I am new to Emacs, thanks in advance.

  • mu4e is the human interface to a mu database, which reads a maildir to index it. AFAIK all readers use the same approach, call it local mailboxes or call it cache. With mu/mu4e you will always have the stuff locally even if you can make it indexing just reading it from the remote server. I'm not aware of web-like imap clients for emacs, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exists. – Muihlinn Apr 29 '20 at 8:48

If you are open to using something other than mu4e you can use gnus to read email via IMAP without storing messages locally. Searching can be a little slow, for me taking one or two seconds on folders with several thousand entries, but that's acceptable to me. Be warned that the learning curve for gnus is fairly steep.

  • Thank you very much ! – Miso Apr 30 '20 at 10:19

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