I'm unable to tag releases with current Magit from Elpa. Doing:

t RET r (magit-tag-release)

I immediately get the error message: "Invalid version syntax: '0.7-5'" in the minibuffer.

This happens either from the magit-log buffer or the main magit buffer.

Below is partial output from git tag:


which shows the naming pattern of my release tags. Any pointers welcome.


That's due to a recent regression, introduced by pull-request #4075). At the bottom d27d6e4678 is mentioned, which fixes this.

  • Thank you, I'll wait for this update. I also noticed that if I try to tag a particular commit from the log buffer, the tag is always created at the latest commit instead of where point is at. Is this the expected behaviour? I realize it might be a separate issue, but I vaguely remember it was possible to tag a commit from the log buffer. – sluque Apr 29 '20 at 20:52

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