I installed flycheck (I usually used flymakes) as well as different other packages associated to it. One of them is flycheck-color-line-mode which change the color of the mode-line according to the level of error catched by flycheck.

example with a typescript file containing an error : enter image description here

However it was only focusing one buffer. If I had 2 buffer opened, even of the same file, the not active one was of normal color.

example of 2 buffers: enter image description here

I looked on the github and tried to change a few variables without any impact, leading me to directly modify the source file (without realizing I need to byte-compile it to make the change valid).

I tried to modify the flycheck-color-mode-line-reset function as well as to play with the flycheck-color-mode-line-cookie and the remapping but I didn't get the result I wanted (I was able to fix the color forever, but it kept changing when switching buffer).

I then saw that the color is also deactivated when emacs is not my focused client example (I hope visible):enter image description here

It let me to believe that the flycheck-color-line-mode is not the problem but rather emacs, which apparently reset the color. Maybe due to another mode editing the mode-line but I would like to know :

  • Is this a normal emacs behaviour?
  • If it's a normal emacs behaviour, can I change it?
  • If no, it's probably the flycheck-color-line-mode and as I didn't found how to change it by myself, how can I change it?

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