I have a function to underline Chinese characters with zero width spaces in org-mode.

(defun ctext-uline-begin ()
  "Underscore with invisible space before for underlining Chinese texts."
  (insert "​_"))

(defun ctext-uline-end ()
    "Underscore with invisible space after for underlining Chinese texts."
  (insert "_​"))

(defun ctext-underline()
  (if (region-active-p)
          (goto-char (region-end))
          (goto-char (region-beginning))
    (read-event "Press Enter to Complete.")

The function wraps "_" with zero width spaces around the Chinese characters when region is active.

When no region is selected, I'd like it to insert uline-begin, wait for user to hit RET, then insert uline-end.

The above function almost did it.

How do we get the user to 'Press Enter to Continue' in Elisp?

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