I recently started using magit-wip-mode, but it's got a feature that I'm finding very disruptive to my workflow: if I have defined an abbrev, which I do frequently, then saving any file with C-x C-s (save-buffer) interrupts me with a prompt asking if I want to save ~/.abbrevs. This interruption is making me crazy, to the point where I'm tempted just to turn off magit-wip-mode.

There must be a better way. How can I tell magit-wip-mode not to ask about saving all modified buffers, or at least not to ask about saving this particular buffer? (I suppose I could also think about modifying save-some-buffers, but I'm a little less easy in my mind about that.)

I'm happy to dive into the elisp code. But where should I start?


This is not specific to magit. Rather than tweeking it, you can tell abbrev-mode to be silent:

(setq save-abbrevs 'silently)

In addition, if you get interruptions to read the abbrev file, you can set:

(if (file-exists-p abbrev-file-name)

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