The documentation of inhibit-modification-hooks states

Non-nil means don't run any of the hooks that respond to buffer changes.

This affects before-change-functions and after-change-functions,
as well as hooks attached to text properties and overlays.
Setting this variable non-nil also inhibits file locks and checks
whether files are locked by another Emacs session, as well as
handling of the active region per select-active-regions.

Besides before-change-functions and after-change-functions, how can I get a list of all "hooks attached to text properties and overlays"? Are these the only hooks that inhibit-modification-hooks inhibits or are there others? For example, wouldn't first-change-hook be inhibited as well?


An overlay can have property modification-hooks, which specifies particular hooks.

Buffer text or a string can have text property modification-hooks, which is similar but slightly different.

See the Elisp manual:

There you'll see how inhibit-modification-hooks relates to these properties.

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