I am using :cn in Evil's Ex command line and would like to use :cnf as well, but it is not there, and I don't know what function to bind it to.


As a former Vim user who is slowly coming to see the light, I am using :cnext in Evil's Ex command line in Spacemacs to navigate errors from the Scala compiler/SBT. I am currently fixing errors caused by missing imports: thus, I can add one line at the top of the file and fix numerous errors. As such, I would like to skip straight to the next file with problems, i.e. Vim's :cnfile. :cnf is not bound, and I cannot find something appropriate to bind it to.

I did find that :cn is bound to next-error, which seems to be associated with Compilation Mode. However that seems to be misdirection as compilation-next-file gives "Not in a compilation buffer".

Even more Details

My setup includes the following, and I'm not entirely clear how much of this is relevant, so I'll list it all:

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