I have a custom org link created using org-link-set-parameters. If I use org-insert-link and complete it will use the :complete function from the parameters to get the link. However I haven't found a clean way to then suggest a description based on the completed link. Do you have any suggestions?

There is org-link-make-description-function but that needs to be set before calling org-insert-link (I think?) and thus it isn't suitable for an emacs package. I tried let-binding it inside the :complete function, but that didn't work.

One thing I tried which did work, but seems a bit hacky was to add the following at the end of the :complete function:

(let ((link "mylink:this is my link"))
  (push link org-link--insert-history)
  (push `(,link "My description") org-stored-links)

Due to the way org-insert-link works this will get the description from org-stored-links. However it would then not insert the link into org-link--insert-history, so that's why I do that above.



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