I'm trying to sync Google Calendar over OAuth2 using org-caldav. However, when I execute M-x org-caldav-sync, the following error occurs:


Contacting host: www.googleapis.com:443
json-read: End of file while parsing JSON

I can't seem to figure out which process is parsing JSON. Even when I set org-caldav-debug-level to 2, the debug buffer only displays a syncing message:


========== Started sync

The only thing which has happened is the creation of an empty appointments.org file.

Is there a way to solve this, or debug what is going wrong?

This my init config (I've added the OAuth providers after reading this closed ticket):

(use-package org-caldav
  (setq org-caldav-oauth2-providers
        org-caldav-url 'google
        org-caldav-oauth2-client-id "xxx"
        org-caldav-oauth2-client-secret "xxx"
        org-caldav-calendar-id "xxx"
        org-caldav-inbox "~/org/calendar/appointments.org"
        org-caldav-files '("~/org/calendar/org-caldav.org")))


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