I am trying to customize the behavior of M-x bibtex-entry-format function to reformat a bibtex entry in a bib file.

I want that the various fields in an entry are sorted to a given ordering. In my emacs init file I put this:

(setq bibtex-entry-format
      `(page-dashes required-fields
         numerical-fields whitespace last-comma delimiters
         unify-case sort-fields))

so it applies sort-fields to its default behavior, however, I want to customize it. How can I set my sort-field own criteria?

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Not tested, but looking at the docstring of bibtex-entry-format, it says:

bibtex-entry-format is a variable defined in bibtex.el. Its value is
(opts-or-alts required-fields numerical-fields)

Type of formatting performed by bibtex-clean-entry.
It may be t, nil, or a list of symbols out of the following:
sort-fields Sort fields to match the field order in bibtex-BibTeX-entry-alist.

My understanding is that you have to tweak bibtex-BibTeX-entry-alist and adapt it to your needs.

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