I have the following:

int main()

  int a = 1;
      int b = 2;
  return 0;

I am expecting some lint to align the indentation. My file is open with (C/*l AC Abbrev).

I try C-c . which asks me:

Which C/*l indentation style?

I select k&r and hit enter. Then nothing happens. I try the others, awk, or python, and same thing, no linting occurs to tab the int b back over. When I try again with C-c . it asks again but never lints my code.

What should I do to get formatting in C in emacs?

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C-c . just sets the formatting style to use when indenting the code, it doesn't actually change the indentation of anything the buffer. You can change the indentation of a region with the indent-region command, bound by default to C-M-\. c-mode also has the c-indent-exp command that indents an expression; this is handy for multi-line expressions near the cursor. TAB is bound to c-indent-line-or-region, which will reindent the current line should it be out of place. It also reindents regions like C-M-\, which is a little unusual. Most modes leave them separate.

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