I'm trying out Magit for a monstrously large monorepo at work (think millions of lines of code) and there are many untracked build artifacts. From my shell I always use git status -uno to avoid having git try to unenumerate all of the artifacts that should be ignored but aren't.

I wish I could just add things to the .gitignore files, but sadly this is just not feasible (layer 8 problem in the networking stack...).

Can I configure magit to not interact with untracked files at all when refreshing?

I found this question, but I don't want to just hide the untracked section, but avoid the mega latency from git attempting to enumerate the thousands of untracked files (that I don't care about).

  • Can't you just modify .gitignore in your own local branch? – loris May 11 '20 at 9:31

If telling git to ignore those untracked files to .gitignore would solve your problem, then do that. You can't modify the .gitignore files, ok, so use another method:

  • .git/info/exclude (same effect as .gitignore at the root, except that it only applies in this working tree).
  • ~/.config/git/ignore (same effect as .gitignore at the root, except that it applies to all your working trees).
  • This effectively solves my problem (borrowing someone else's gitignore file from within the company). Thanks! – Sam Whitlock May 11 '20 at 13:25

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