I'm trying to modify the appearance of customize buffers. I managed to modify the button but I did not find how to change the appearance of the checkbox nor the dropdown indicator (▽). Ideally I would like to replace them with corresponding unicode glyphs. You can see what is the "real" character using describe-char but I'm a bit clueless on where the translation into images occurs and how to modify it.

enter image description here


Checkboxes can be disabled using: (setq widget-image-enable nil) and will appear as [ ] or [X] that can be then prettified:

(setq widget-image-enable nil)
(add-hook 'custom-mode-hook (lambda ()
   "Beautify custom checkbox symbol"
   (push '("[ ]" . "☐") prettify-symbols-alist)
   (push '("[X]" . "☑" ) prettify-symbols-alist)

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