I am using the BUILDKIT version of "docker build" frequently. This gives colorful and "dynamic" output, i.e., it will for example show 5 lines, all of which contain changing progress information.

For example:

[+] Building 140.6s (4/12)                                                      
 => => sha256:ab5ef0e5819490abe86106fd9f4381123e37a03 63.54MB / 75.78MB  139.6s
 => => sha256:9a62185b95350e0cf3dba655a9461824080fd70a 10.18MB / 10.18MB  20.4s
 => => sha256:211f13f4e617a585a4c3a9cf73734c780febbec14dd 4.83kB / 4.83kB  0.3s
 => => sha256:0ca27d7286e3ce558e7898856e42b8db25c9190 193.65kB / 193.65kB  1.2s
 => => sha256:6916189c40907fdd6e44b7798cbd19e959b4087 62.98MB / 90.77MB  139.6s
 => => sha256:3343f16055aacd0f750e89e04b7f9e4bf014ba8 53.21MB / 55.76MB  139.6s
 => [internal] load build context                                          0.1s
 => => transferring context: 196.71kB                                      0.1s

The way docker build works is that it downloads all those things at the same time. So all the numbers are increased in parallel. In a real terminal, it looks very nice; nothing flickers, no lines are scrolling, only the numbers are increasing beautifully.

In principle, this kind of works in compilation-mode. That is, all the information is there; the colors are there, and I can see what's going on. But every "tick", it scrolls another copy of the 5 lines through, instead of just updating the few bytes in the previous 5 lines which changed.

I know that I can change the output of docker build; this question is not about this specific program. But does anyone know if I can somehow coerce Emacs to show this as beautifully as the shell?

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