This might be a fairly stupid question but I simply can't figure it out.

I've been trying to install doom-modeline for spacemacs: https://seagle0128.github.io/doom-modeline/#install

I've added the use-package stuff to the configuration file like this:

   ;; configuration in `dotspacemacs/user-config'.
   dotspacemacs-additional-packages '((use-package doom-modeline
                                        :ensure t
                                        :init (doom-modeline-mode 1))
                                      (use-package all-the-icons))
   ;; A list of packages that cannot be updated.
   dotspacemacs-frozen-packages '()


Then I restarted spacemacs and it did install something. However, the modeline didn't change:

my modeline

It doesn't look like in the screenshots here: https://seagle0128.github.io/doom-modeline/#screenshots

Do I somehow have to activate it or something?

  • Did you try recompiling the spaceline? M-x spaceline-compile – user5512464 Sep 30 '20 at 2:02

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