I am using matlab-emacs to debug a matlab script from inside of emacs with GUD. Everything seems to be working as expected except that I don't see any breakpoint indicators in the fringe.

This is important to me for two reasons:

  1. It is nice to easily see where all of the breakpoints are in the code. It makes it much easier to know what to expect when I "continue."
  2. It lets me toggle breakpoints on and off. When the breakpoint indicator is there, I can check for it in code, and know whether I should toggle the breakpoint on or off.

Is there a way to get breakpoint indicators for Matlab debugging?

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Unless some thing has changed with newer versions of MatLab, short answer is you cannot (MaTLaB 2011b here). Eric Ludlam, maintainer of matlab-emacs, does say so here in the matlab-emacs mailing list. MatLab lost an undocumented API which allowed it to show icons for breakpoints with select versions of GUD.

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