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I am learning org-mode and liking its header-folding capacities, which seem much easier than outline-minor-mode. Most of my work is done in markdown mode, though, so I am trying (and failing) to set up outshine (from MELPA) in order to get org-like folding and restructuring.

Here is the weird (to me) behavior: with no change to my .emacs (other than MELPA's adding to package-selected-packages), it seems that when I load a markdown file, I can get the tab-folding behavior. This is weird since C-h m does not show outshine mode (but it does show outline-minor-mode, which my .emacs loads with hooks to text-mode etc). But I don't get any restructuring commands - when I hit alt-down, for example, I get <M-down> is undefined.

But if I manually load outshine in the markdown buffer, or load it with hooks in .emacs, then none of the folding works - and it seems that's because outline-regexp has suddenly changed to an asterisk-based one rather than a #-based one.

So my main questions:

  • How do I get outshine to leave markdown's outline-regexp alone?
  • Should I replace outline-minor-mode hooks in my .emacs with hooks to outshine, or add outshine hooks in addition to the outline-minor-mode ones?
  • Outshine is supposed to also be able to do restructuring with like and such, right?

Thanks in advance, as always, for your time & attention.

  • to start with, it's a outline-minor-mode replacement, so if you call for it, change to outshine-mode. Sounds like modes clashing.
    – Muihlinn
    May 22, 2020 at 16:46
  • Thanks! Weirdly, I get the sorta-folding behavior whether or not outline-minor-mode is called. I remove the outshine and outline hooks from my .emacs, and 'C-h m' will confirm neither outline nor outshine are loaded in the markdown buffer, but tabs will still fold headers locally and buffer-wide - but <M-up> etc don't work. When I try loading outshine by itself, I get the regexp change. -EDIT: I did just notice when I load outshine in a buffer without either outline or outshine, 'C-h m' suddenly shows both outline AND outshine. Is that normal behavior? May 23, 2020 at 0:05

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Digging further, I feel stupid(er than usual). Removing outshine-mode completely, I still get org-like folding behavior in markdown-mode, and this is because org-like folding is already in markdown mode! (See under "Usage".)

As for the restructuring commands (moving one header above another and so on), these are just done by C-<down> etc. instead of M-<down>.

  • you know, nothing is as good/bad as it seems beforehand :)
    – Muihlinn
    May 25, 2020 at 18:40

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