So I use pdf-tools to view pdf inside of emacs. I am also an Evil user and I mapped Caplock to Esc key so it's easier to switch between the modes.

If I have a vertical split arrangement, like this:

| some text file | a pdf opened by pdf-tools |
|                |                           |

If I switch to the pdf-tools buffer and accidentally press Escape twice (or in my case CapLock twice), then the I would lose my split arrangement. In other words, I will be left with this:

| some text file |
|                |

In other words, this is similar to doing C-x 0. Has anyone encountered this problem? Please let me know how you solve it.

  • I don't use evil, but ESC ESC ESC is normally bound to keyboard-escape-quit which can call delete-other-windows. Your scenario sounds similar (notwithstanding the one fewer ESC), so perhaps you are inadvertently doing that? – phils May 25 '20 at 22:21

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