On this video stream, the window on right displays the keybindings typed with its corresponding command bound.
Is there any package that does that, or a way to achieve it?

  • did my expanded answer work for you in Org and cc-mode? – gregoryg Jul 14 at 18:11

Yes! This is command-log-mode which can be installed from Melpa.

You have to add the function to whatever modes you want to record, like

(add-hook 'python-mode-hook 'command-log-mode)

Then, to invoke the log window as shown in the video

M-x clm/open-command-log-buffer

Open a Python file (in my example) and start manipulating the code to see your actions in the command log buffer.

There is also M-x global-command-log-mode to capture all (or most) interactions across modes.

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    Interesting... I thought it was something not dependent on any mode, so I could get logs for every single Emacs command... And for some reason, I am able to run it with python-mode, but not with org-mode or cc-mode. Strange. I probably miss something. – nephewtom May 26 at 15:39
  • Sorry - I usually use it with just one or two modes. Updated my answer, which works well for Org Mode also! – gregoryg May 26 at 15:56

Is there any package that does that, or a way to achieve it?

One such package is Show Key (code: showkey.el).

Global minor mode showkey-log-mode keeps a log of such events, in a separate frame. It's refreshed with each new event, and it's kept on top of other frames without stealing the input focus. Various user options control what events get logged, etc.

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