I am new to Emacs, I use text Emacs (inside Putty) and I am from Vim land. So, bare with me about the terminologies that I use.

I want to have a custom string in the mode line for the frame name (to remember why I created this frame) as the defaults like "F6" is of no use to me.

Frame F6 with the output of (frame-list) function

I found how to create new frame and set-frame-parameter from gnu.org. I gave a try to create new frame from elisp (the first link):

(setq x '(("name" . "parsing")))
(make-frame x)

But the frame it created has the name F6. I checked it executing (frame-list) (shown in picture above). What am I doing wrong here? Is there an easy way?


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The parameter name needs to be a symbol rather than a string, i.e.

(make-frame '((name . "parsing")))

rather than

(make-frame '(("name" . "parsing")))

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