I've just started learning Org-Mode and have comes across the issue of unending lines while journalling. All the different minor modes for line breaking and word wrapping have me confused. I want lines to end where the screen does, and not be dependent upon me hitting return. I also want to be able to move up and down a single line, defined by the size of the window and not where a line's newline character is, because I'm constantly resizing my window. I'm using Aquamacs right now, though also use iTerm.

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You are looking for visual-line-mode. To enable, do M-x visual-line-mode. To enable it globally, do M-x global-visual-line-mode (or in your init file, place: (global-visual-line-mode 1)).

From the docstring:

When Visual Line mode is enabled, `word-wrap' is turned on in
this buffer, and simple editing commands are redefined to act on
visual lines, not logical lines.  See Info node `Visual Line
Mode' for details.

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