This might require more tricks than just Emacs-fu, but since Emacs is at the heart of it I hope to get some ideas on how to approach my need here.

I use Emacs/Make/gcc as my development environment. I have a script that watches my source files so that whenever a change is saved it rebuilds, run all tests and updates coverage (thanks cov-mode).

I'm normally running this in a separate terminal window so any compilation errors will show up there, when what I really want is for those errors to end up in a compilation-mode-type buffer in Emacs so I can go to next-error with one key-stroke.

Here are my attempts so far:

  • run script in a term-window - failed to get next-error to work
  • run script in a shell-window- same problem
  • run script and collect output in a file which is visited in a buffer - couldn't get that window to auto-update (can I?)

I also want to ensure that next-error is from the last "round", but since the buffer is not cleared on a ^L/clear-command you would have to step through all the errors unknowing when you are actually on a current one.


I have been exploring writing the output from the script into a file and then forcing my running Emacs to re-read it using auto-revert-mode while still keeping the *compilation*-like behaviour in that buffer. This works, but the problem is that next-error can't be reset to start from the new errors after reverting. Using C-u C-x ` just errors with "Moved past last error". Not even using the after-revert-hook to do (next-error 4 t) seems to do the trick.

How can I reset the next-error "pointer" in this scenario?

Or are there any other approaches I should try?

  • "couldn't get that window to auto-update (can I?)" -- auto-revert-mode ? – phils Jun 7 '20 at 22:34
  • You might also consider whether your compile step could actually run compile inside Emacs? – phils Jun 7 '20 at 22:37
  • @phils what are you thinking with "actually run compile inside Emacs"? Externally making Emacs run the compile through some scripting or PPC? If so how could I do that? – thoni56 Jun 8 '20 at 14:49
  • @Drew sorry about the erroneous tag... Learning. – thoni56 Jun 8 '20 at 15:00

Probably the easiest way to do this is to use emacs-client to run the compilation inside a *compilation* buffer:

utman emacs-client --eval '(compile "make debug unit test")'

utman is my script to watch for changes in source files and then run the rest as command: https://github.com/thoni56/utman, but that could be replaced with any file-watcher, or completely ignored if you just want to trigger a compile inside Emacs.

UPDATE: This doesn't really work the way I want since emacs-client terminates immediately because the compile runs asynchronously within Emacs.

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