The title basically already says it all. Just one addition. I need quick-calc to act like that for just 2 times a week. Usually I prefer the standard 12 digit precision.

I know how to achieve this format in org mode spreadsheets: Simply attach ;%.1f at the end of a formula below the spreadsheet, and the result will be reformated to 1 decimal. But I really don't want to convert my whole calculation into an org mode spreadsheet just to get this one part of it rounded to 1 decimal.

I've searched GNU manual & searched with web search engine—in vein.

I've tried C-u 1 M-x quick-calc, but the result had the usual 12 digit precision. C-u M-x quick-calc and C-u C-u M-x quick-calc also don't do the trick. Inspired by GNU manual I looked shortly into calc mode, not quick-calc, although that's really not with what I want to work. I did so just to get some clues for how to achieve 1 digit rounded output format in quick-calc. In calc-mode I pressed p 1, but that just caused a prompt telling me that the digit precision must be at least 3.

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The doc says:

The Quick Calculator refers to the ‘Calculator’ buffer for all mode settings. Thus, for example, to set the precision that the Quick Calculator uses, simply run the full Calculator momentarily and use the regular ‘p’ command.

Similarly, you can run the full Calculator once and set d f 1. From that point on, calc and quick-calc results will be displayed with one digit after the decimal point.

  • Thank you! That solved the problem. Switching to calc mode, entering d f 1, and then switching away from calc mode and then using M-x quick-calc works.
    – starquake
    Jun 16, 2020 at 11:19

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