I added the package dired-ranger using use-package, but when I open a folder with dired C-x d , I see the regular single panel instead of the two or three panels from dired-ranger.

I'm loading the package like this:

;; --- Dired Ranger ---
;; Loads dired-ranger
(use-package dired-ranger
  :ensure t
  :bind (:map dired-mode-map
              ("W" . dired-ranger-copy)
              ("X" . dired-ranger-move)
              ("Y" . dired-ranger-paste))
  ;; C-u W  to keep adding files to the ring

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dired-ranger doesn't provide a multi-column view. If you want that you should try ranger.el. Instead dired-ranger provides some helpful functions for copy and pasting as you can see from the description.

;; --- Ranger ---
Loads ranger
(use-package ranger
   :ensure t

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